Send us your work directly on line by filing a new order form. You can forward us your data files by electronic mail or by FTP files transfer.

You will then be given a file number which will allow you to follow your order step-by-step. As soon as we receive your order, we check manually that the enclosures respect the criteria for a quality print-out. 

If all is correct, a final corrected proof will be presented to you, on line, for your confirmation at the next stage.

FTP Upload
The e-mail is the simplest way of sending your card. The size of your card is well below the maximum of the main e-mail providers.
If your data file is particularly large, do not hesitate to compress it. Send it to this address:
If you choose to upload your data files by FTP, you will need a FTP client.
You will find several in freeware or shareware on the internet  :
Using the follow-up number, you can : 
- follow the progress of your file 
- visualise your card 
- accept the final corrected proof
- pay on line
- be asked to confirm or to provide further information 
- visualise a recapitulative of your order form
Final corrected proof
You don't pay anything
Here is an example of a final corrected proof on You don't pay anything until your file has been verified by us and then confirmed by yourself after you have checked the final corrected proof.
A small piece of advice : do not fill in an order form until your card is ready.

Enter your file number :
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