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Become a partner of thanks to our affiliation program
By working with the leader of business cards on the Internet you will : 
  - earn attractive commissions on sales 
  - offer your visitors a real saving 
  - participate in a simple partnership, free and without constraints

What is an affiliated member ?
How to become an affiliated member ?
Affiliation conditions
How to set up your affiliation ?
Test your identification
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How to terminate your affiliation ?
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What is an affiliated member ?
An affiliated member is a partner who proposes, on his website, the use of the services in any way. The affiliated member is paid a 5 % commission on each sale he has brought in.
Membership is free and can be terminated at any time.
Any individual or company can become an affiliated member.
How to become an affiliated member ?
Inscription is done on line by filling in the form hereafter. You will receive soon after an e-mail confirming your inscription.
Website :
Holder (company) :
Surname :   First name :
Address :
Post code :   Town : Country :
Telephone :   Fax :
E-mail :
Chosen identification (one word)  :
Chosen password :
Retype the password :
I declare having taken note of the affiliation conditions hereafter
Affiliation conditions reserves the right to refuse an affiliation without having to give reason for this refusal. 

It is the affiliated member's responsibility to provide correct information to The payment of commission may be questioned in the event of incorrect information, notably the event of the impossibility of contacting the affiliated member using the provided information. 

The affiliation partnership is not exclusive with the affiliated member. The two parties may terminate their partnership at any moment, without any right to prejudice. promises to pay outstanding commissions when an affiliated member wishes to terminate the partnership.

The affiliated member earns a 5 % commission of the total, without VAT and transport expenses, for each sale actually paid by the client. Unsuccessful orders are not taken into account. An order is accorded to an affiliated member if it is made within 2 months after the last click on the link of the affiliated member (use of cookies). Beyond 2 months, the identification of the visitors origin (cookie) expires.

The affiliated member must respect, without modification, the code to be inserted into his pages. A text link for example does not give the right to the status of an affiliated member. reserves the right to modify, without advanced notice, its general partnership conditions. If the modification concerns the amount of commissions, the affiliated member will be notified a month before the modification is applied. The commissions are paid 60 days after receipt of an invoice from an affiliated member. Invoices are requested monthly, solely for the commissions which come to an amount of 30 without VAT. Each affiliated member can follow on line the sales already carried out by his identification. 

The affiliation will be terminated as soon as an affiliated member has registered no clicks for a period of 6 months. Accumulated commissions would in this case be lost. If we do not receive an invoice in the 3 months following a call, the total of the commissions figuring on this request will be lost for the affiliated member.

Any litigation will be examined by the Bayonne Court in France.

How to set up your affiliation
Each affiliated member has an identification allocated by It identifies the origin of an order.
There are three ways to redirect a client :

1) Hypertext link
This is the easiest way. You just have to insert the following two blue lines into your page :
<a href="">

<img src="" border=0"></a>

where you replace youridentification by your affiliated member identification and image.gif by one of the
following images at your disposal :









2) Electronic coupon
You can give your visitors or your community an electronic coupon that they must use when filling in the order form. The origin will therefore be clearly identified. 
Example of coupon : "mycoupon"

3) Form
If you wish to go further, you can install your own order form on your website. We can help you to put
supplementary information onto your website, in order to constitute a virtual printing workshop. To
do this please contact us.


Test your identification
If you want to test the set up of your affiliation : 
1) Click once on the link that you have just put on your website. 
2) Check by clicking here. If your identification appears in the reply, all is working as it should. If not please contact us
Consult your sales
To consult the number of clicks, the number of orders and the amount of commissions accumulated, use the form below :

How to terminate your affiliation
If you wish to terminate the affiliation, contact us. We will pay you any outstanding commissions. Please note that your affiliation is automatically terminated if you do not make any clicks during a period of 6 months.
Contact us
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to make any particular suggestions or if you have any questions :


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